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How to Wear Your Pi Xiu

A Pi Xiu is an animal that’s part dragon, part lion and part qilin. The third is more commonly known as the Chinese unicorn. It’s used to attract and keep wealth when wingless while a winged Pi Xiu is for aiding students with their studies.

It’s believed that the Pi Xiu was once a creature of the heavens, the son of the Dragon King, but violated their laws. As a punishment, it was cursed to eat only gold without the ability to expel it, which is why it has a fat body. That’s how it became the symbol for gaining and preserving riches. Pi Xiu’s fangs also serve as protection against demons, protecting the wearer’s health.

Wearing it either on a bracelet or a necklace will help you an amassing fortune but you need to observe the rules for wearing and caring of this spirit animal.

  • As a bracelet, the Pi Xiu must be worn on the left hand, except when it’s obsidian, which can be placed on either hand.
  • When on a bracelet, the Pi Xiu must be pointing away from the body or outward. To determine the right direction, position your hand with the palm facing downward. The Pi Xiu should be pointing towards the pinky finger.
  • If it’s made of obsidian and worn on a necklace, the bearer must keep it hidden from others.
  • When worn as a necklace pendant, the head should be facing upwards to receive from both heaven and earth.
  • Touch it from the head to the tail, frequently and daily, to let it know that you’re the owner, build a connection, and keep it working instead of falling asleep. Avoid touching or poking the eyes and mouth, although you shouldn’t worry if done accidentally.
  • You as the owner should be the only one to touch it. If another person comes into contact with it, rinse the Pi Xiu with water. If dirt or dust touches it, wash it off with water. If blood gets on it, cleanse it with water. Blood taints the Pi Xiu.
  • When cleansing, using water from natural sources is advisable, such as rain or wells. Allow it to dry in the open air, under the light of the sun or moon or other natural methods.
  • Keep the Pi Xiu away from chemicals that may damage it.
  • Avoid eating chili when wearing it.
  • Wear it for long periods of time to establish the bond but remove it before bathing and sex. If you need to keep it off for long periods, ensure it faces a door or window. If you need to store it, cover it in a red rag inside a jewelry box or your closet.
  • Keep your jewelry to a minimum so there’s no clash with the Pi Xiu.

If your Pi Xiu happens to break, it’s a good sign. It means that it has actively and successfully guarded you against an evil spirit or more but it can no longer be used. You need to then dispose of it, respectfully. Bury it in the red cloth in a place surrounded by nature. You can then replace it with another one